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“We have become more of an environmentally friendly company and are well liked in the local area,” says Svein Brokke, Operations Manager at Dynea.

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Fjord Line

An idea of liquefied natural gas (LNG) came up, when Fjord Line, a Norwegian shipping company, was planning to order new ships.

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“We believe that LNG-powered ships will be a major competitive advantage in the coming years", says Lars Höglund, Managing Director of the shipping company, Furetank.

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Kronos Titan

“We are very satisfied with Skangas’ services and support. We made a great environmentally-friendly choice when we moved to using LNG,” says the Managing Director of Kronos Titan, Per Thoen.

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SSAB's steel product plant in Borlänge Sweden has introduced natural gas as fuel in one of the reheating furnaces.

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Tarbit shipping

MS Bit Viking was converted from a heavy fuel oil driven vessel to a gas driven version. The ship has been using Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as fuel when sailing along the Norwegian coast.

Ramnäs Bruk AB

We decrease our emissions of Co2 by about 25% than with previous fuel, says Magnus Westher, CEO of Ramnäs.