Ramnäs Bruk AB - Doubles capacity and a more efficient production

During Summer 2014 a new furnace system was installed. The furnace system is in full production in the beginning of 2015. It is powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and the entire production is now based on natural gas. The furnace system gives an improved and more stabilized production process and shortened lead time. Ramnäs Bruk's capacity will be doubled in 2015, going from 10.000 tons per year, to 20.000 tons per year.

The reason for natural gas

About 10 years ago, they started discussing the possibility to change out the old furnaces based on oil with new modern furnaces including a more environmentally friendly energy. The reason for choosing LNG was due to a large degree on the availability in Sweden. Infrastructure for transportation and storing was continuously developing.

Another reason for choosing LNG was that it is possible easily changing to biogas once available in the future. Both natural gas and biogas consist mainly of methane. The CO2 emissions from biogas, however, is counted as zero as the biogas is looked upon as being a sustainable energy source.

An effective conversion project

Skangas build the local storing and regasification terminal at Ramnäs' premises.

"The project, including installation of the furnaces, pipe lay and other installations was done within in two months. It was a tough job as but everybody involved was very engaged we managed to keep the time," says Hans Nosko, Ramnäs.

There will be one truck every week filling the tanks and about 1000 ton of LNG will be used every year.

Reducing the environmental footprint

"We decrease our emissions of Co2 by about 25% than with previous fuel", says Magnus Westher, CEO of Ramnäs. Also the sulphur emissions will be reduced when using LNG. The excessive heat from the cooling water system is used to heat the production buildings. Both these actions are reducing Ramnäs Bruk footprint on the environment.