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LNG for Industry

LNG has replaced oil products in a variety of industries, which has led to increased competitiveness and reduced emissions.

The diverse properties of LNG come into their own particularly well in a variety of process applications. LNG flames and clean flue gases can be utilised in contexts such as the heating, drying or cooking of products. LNG gas can also be used instead of electricity in many processes. Further, LNG is used as an industrial raw material, such as in the manufacture of hydrogen.

LNG is particularly suitable for use as a fuel for combined heat and steam production as well as in combined heat and power (CHP) production

LNG is competitive in terms of price, improved production processes and energy efficiency.

LNG is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel because it significantly reduces local air pollution and carbon emissions. LNG complements - and can be mixed with - renewable biogas.

Skangas offers LNG delivered as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to all industrial regions in the Nordic markets.

LNG is the way to strengthen your competiveness and reduce your emissions. Skangas will help you to meet your energy goals.

LNG is cost-effective

LNG is cost-effective for a variety of industrial processes, as both fuel and raw material.

  • Competitively priced long-term

  • Improved production processes

  • Lower operational and maintenance costs

  • A cleaner working environment

LNG reduces emissions

LNG offers several benefits to both human health and the environment. Switching to LNG means complete removal of SOx and particles, and reduction of NOx emissions of up to 85%. In addition, LNG also reduces CO2 emissions by at least 20%.

LNG complements and can be mixed with renewable biogas to develop innovative and efficient gas eco-systems.

Skangas offers reliable delivery of LNG in the Nordic markets

With more than 5,300 truck deliveries of LNG performed by Skangas in 2015, our customers are satisfied with our precise and reliable delivery service. Our customer service is available 24/7.

Skangas strives to be at the forefront of developing operational procedures, technical solutions, and risk and safety assessments. We work together with our customers, transportation companies and other operators nationally and internationally to share and implement best practices.

Skangas services: a long-term partnership

Skangas offers the following services to help you select and implement your LNG conversion plan:

  • Conversions studies and advice on technical solutions, costs and payback calculations

  • Project management to design, build, commission and start-up of LNG receiving terminal

  • Training of your local personnel

Our Sales Managers will be your contact person to help you achieve your energy goals.

Latest news


Skangas extends agreement with Borregaard

Borregaard continues their co-operation with Skangas for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and extends the current supply agreement. For the next three years Skangas will remain their main LNG supplier and deliver an increased amount of LNG to Borregaard’s production site in Sarpsborg.

“After four years of delivering LNG to Borregaard we are very happy that they will continue our agreement,” says Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Skangas. “Security of supply is one of the key elements for us as an energy provider. A continuous relationship with existing customers is a proof of being a reliable supplier”, he concludes.

Borregaard has decided to upgrade their energy supply for the lignin production by changing from waste oil and liquefied propan gas (LPG) to LNG. A new LNG terminal is being built at their production site. Transferring from oil and LPG to LNG will contribute to a cleaner environment and is a safety improvement.

Using LNG provides significant environmental benefits in terms of emissions to air. For Borregaard particularly the CO2 emissions are reduced considerably. By investing in new environmental measures their annual amount of CO2 reduction is estimated to 14500 tons in addition to reduced Nox emissions by up to 50 tons.

For some industry customers LNG is a large part of the energy consumption. It is important with a safe and reliable supply chain where delivered volumes are delivered at agreed time. Skangas has monthly close to 600 truck deliveries to large industrial corporations across the Nordics. Borregaard will receive their LNG by trucks directly from Skangas’ LNG hub at Øra, close to Fredrikstad.

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Skangas first small-scale LNG loading at Statoil terminal

On October 17th Skangas successfully completed the first small scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) loading at the Statoil operated LNG plant at Melkøya island outside Hammerfest in Norway. Statoil delivered the cargo of 100 GWh to Skangas' vessel Coral Energy.

"This terminal is an addition to our existing LNG sources. Having several LNG sources supports our customers and us with additional security of supply and it increases our opportunities," says Kimmo Rahkamo, CEO of Skangas. "In addition, a future possible supply alternative from the northern part of Norway could make it easier to open up for new deliveries along the entire coast of Norway".

The operation was conducted on the large-scale jetty at Melkøya LNG plant. The jetty is constructed for conventional sized LNG vessels. As a comparison Skangas' vessel Coral Energy is a small to medium scale LNG carrier with a capacity of 15 600 m3. In the Nordics her main task is to serve Skangas' customers and terminals with LNG.

LNG to Sweden

The LNG from Melkøya was delivered to Skangas' terminal in Lysekil, Sweden where Skangas has a LNG terminal serving one of their major customers.

It is the gas from the Snøhvit field that arrives at Melkøya terminal where it is converted into LNG. Conversion to LNG makes it possible to transport gas by purpose-built vessels and therefore industries can use gas as energy although they are not connected to a gas grid.

Developing opportunities

Earlier this year Statoil and Skangas also did the first small scale LNG loading at the Klaipeda Terminal in Lithuania. Skangas continues to deliver LNG to Statoil's supply vessels from several bases in Norway. In Northern Europe, Skangas' new LNG bunker vessel Coralius makes LNG increasingly available for the marine market.

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Industrial Park in Harjavalta, Finland, switches to cleaner energy

Skangas will supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Suomen Teollisuuden Energiapalvelut – STEP Oy, an energy company operating in Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park, Harjavalta, Finland. In the future, the STEP power plant will generate an annual total of around 600 GWh of steam energy required by Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy (NNH) and Boliden Harjavalta Oy. In January 2017 an investment decision was made by STEP to fully replace the use of heavy fuel oil from the beginning of 2018 onwards. This decision will reduce the rate of emissions from Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park.

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be delivered by Skangas for Suomen Teollisuuden Energiapalvelut – STEP Oy to the Industrial Park from the Pori LNG import terminal. Once at the power plant, the LNG will be regasified, and the energy will be distributed by STEP to Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy (NNH) and Boliden Harjavalta Oy. The use of LNG at Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park will result in the full replacement of the use of heavy fuel oil. This will also help achieve significant reductions in particulate, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in the area.

"We made an investment decision to switch to cleaner energy by replacing all of the heavy fuel oil used by us with LNG. We want to make Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park even more environmentally friendly by switching to a cleaner fuel, LNG, in our energy production," says Tomi Ihalainen, CEO, Suomen Teollisuuden Energiapalvelut – STEP Oy.

"It's important that we're developing the Industrial Park area as a joint effort. LNG is a versatile fuel and highly suitable for use in industrial processes," says Vesa Törölä, Business Development Director, Boliden Harjavalta.

"Sustainable business is also important for Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta. Responsible operations include taking care of energy efficiency and minimizing the burden on the environment. We've already previously invested in the introduction of LNG in process gas production and as a supplementary fuel for the biosteam plant. Now we can stop using heavy fuel oil altogether, which means our heat energy production will be based fully on biofuels and LNG," says Joni Hautojärvi, Managing Director, Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy.

"It's great to be involved in the development of Suurteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park. LNG is a highly energy efficient and versatile fuel, and the Industrial Park is an excellent example of this. The same fuel can be used by industrial facilities in processes and energy production and also processed into raw materials. All this can be based on a single fuel storage facility, which improves safety in the industrial area. In addition to this, LNG is an easy way to reduce emissions from shipping and other transport – particularly heavy-duty road transport. Optimizing customers' energy use is one of our key objectives," says Jouni Bedda, Key Account Manager, Skangas.

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