Espen Brevik: Developing the market, together with our customers

Sourcing Portfolio Manager

I joined Skangas in October 2013. Previously I was Portfolio Manager and Owner of M-3 Capital Management.  My experience includes performing investments in the Nordic Electricity Market (Nasdaq OMX), and working as a derivate broker covering the Nordic and Continental Electricity Market.

I studied Economics and Statistics at the University of Bergen and Business and Finance at NHH, and have completed special courses in risk management and derivatives.

As a result of working for Skangas, I’ve found that the company contains a great deal of experience and know-how within the LNG environment. I really appreciate participating in developing the market, together with our customers. In my experience, Skangas is a lean and dynamic organization.

Every week is different.  New challenges and tasks develop continually. I enjoy working towards many of the major LNG and natural gas players, as well as being part of a dedicated team that works to grow the business every day. In my spare time, I am interested in sports like slalom, soccer and ice hockey.