Jouni Bedda: Helping customers to achieve their energy goals

Sales Manager

When Gasum acquired the company in May 2014, I joined Skangas. Previously, I worked for one year for Gasum and for more than ten years for Shell in Finland. While with Shell, I held different positions working within logistics at a lubricant oil blending plant and as a Sales Manager. I studied Chemical Engineering at Metropolia University of Applied Science.

While working for Shell I gained a solid grasp of the supply chain, from production to the end customer. As a Logistics Scheduler, I received a great deal of knowledge about product flows and customer service levels. Progressing to Account Manager provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and take on more responsibilities to handle customers as a whole. I have worked as a Pricing Analyst, analyzing and setting prices for different fuels, and expanded my experience of European fuel markets and supply chains.

My job is to help the customer to achieve their energy goals. In this changing environment, emissions restrictions must be met in the most cost competitive way.

LNG is the fuel of the future. The most interesting part of my job is to be a part of that change and see how the market develops. In my spare time, I try to run as much as I can, including one marathon per year. I also play golf, ice hockey and enjoy bicycling. Basically, if it’s anything to do with sports, count me in.