Skangas Terminal, Lysekil

Sjöbolsvägen 2
S-453 92 Lysekil

Skangas Terminal, Lysekil

Officially opened in October 2014, the Skangas terminal in Lysekil was built as a joint project with Skangas’s major terminal customer Preem. Part of the development was financed by the European Union through the project Pilot LNG.

Storage capacity and availability for industry and shipping

The storage capacity at the Lysekil is 30 000 m3. Nearly 700 million NOK has been invested in the terminal.

Available for industry and shipping

SSAB in Borlänge is only one of several customers in Sweden that is reaping the benefits of LNG supply from this terminal. Every week specially designed trucks carrying LNG travel the 420 km distance from Lysekil to Borlänge. Preem receives its natural gas directly by pipe from the terminal. In 2015, a new bunkering facility will be ready to serve the shipping industry directly from the terminal.

Terminal equipment

The terminal features an LNG tank that is 42 meters high, loading docks, process units (compressor and vaporizers), and a natural gas pipeline that extends from the terminal to the Preem refinery.

Loading arm for bunkering

We are building a loading arm for ships to bunker LNG directly from the terminal.

The development of this bunkering arm is part of a Joint Industry Project that is run on the unique collaboration platform Zero Vision Tool, where the maritime industry works together to address future environmental challenges.

Always safety first

Together with Preem and Swedish Authorities, Räddningstjänsten Mitt Bohuslän, we have made a brochure with safety information for publics in the Lysekil area. It is available in Swedish only and you may download it here.