Skangas Terminal, Øra

Øraveien 23C
N-1630 Gamle Fredrikstad

Skangas Terminal, Øra

A hub for LNG distribution in southern Norway

From its production site outside of Stavanger, Skangas transports LNG to the Skangas LNG terminal at the Øra industrial site near Fredrikstad. The terminal is ideal for helping local and international customers to secure LNG on demand.

Storage capacity and customers

The terminal is a large tank park that consists of nine tanks. The combined storage capacity of these tanks is 6400 m3 LNG.

From the terminal, nearby industry is supplied by a local natural gas pipeline grid. LNG is also delivered by trucks to industry that lies outside of the pipeline grid. The terminal serves as an important hub to supply more environmentally friendly energy to local and international industry.

By ship and by truck

Ships continually transport LNG to the Skangas terminal. There is a pipeline that stretches from the quay directly to the site. The ships are built according to international regulations and can carry a capacity of between 7000 and 15000 m3.

Transport by truck from the terminal is regulated by strict international laws and regulations providing 15-20 safe truck loadings every day.

Always safety first

We have made a brochure with safety information for publics in the Øra industry area. It is available in Norwegian only and you may download it here.